Yako is a shy, awkward schoolgirl who is secretly proud of her large bust. Akatora is a violent yakuza bodyguard, in love with his male charge Masae. Yako has a huge crush on Masae, but Akatora always seems to get in the way.

How will Yako, geek extraordinaire and closet wanton, charm the big bad yakuza (with the aid of her secretly prided assets) in order to get to her precious first crush?

LMD is a mostly shoujo story about the gritty side of life, sexuality, redemption, and the strange bonds that occur between unlikely people.
Drawn mostly in Manga Studio EX 4 and toned in photoshop =3

Here's a little something about me, for those bored enough to read xB

Sun - Scorpio, Moon - Pisces
Reading and drawing Manga, animals, nature, cold places, shopping, clubbing, vintage/street fashion, motorbikes, Louis Vuitton, eating <3, fantasy, the supernatural, Yakuza, traditional things, rainy days, windy days, tattoos. eurodance, Manga Studio
ALL Insects, hot weather, sports, white lighting, rude, arrogant, narrow minded people, headaches, traffic jams
Favourite Manga
Hana Yori Dango, Parfait Tic, Inuyasha, Lilim Kiss, BOY, Kamikaze, Shin Angyo Onshi
Favourite Anime
Naruto, Claymore
Current Occupation
Animator / Designer / Illustrator
Random Facts
I've never had a pet.
I have two tattoos on my lower back that I designed myself. One is a tribal dragon, the other is a Irezumi-style chrysanthenum.
I can't ride a bicycle, rollerblade/skate, swim.
The fastest speed I've travelled when riding pillion on someone's motorbike is 290kmph.
Manga Studio rocks my world!!